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Barcelona Prints.
An alternative map of Barcelona

An alternative map of the city, made with patients at the Instituto Guttmann of Barcelona.

About the city

The Olympic Games in 1992, cheap air fares, a large port, stunning architecture, exciting night life and fashionable shopping have made Barcelona an increasingly popular destination for the young and young at heart.

Barcelona is no stranger to visitors, however. It has been passed through and settled in for more than 5000 years. The current stream of tourists, art-lovers, students, revellers and people from all walks of life is just the latest invasion. The city’s fine heritage of modernist architecture guarantees that they will continue to come.

By a quirky linguistic coincidence, the name ‘Barcelona’ could be translated aptly from Catalan into English. BAR means ‘bar’, CEL means ‘sky’, and ONA means ‘wave’. And there you have it: Bar Sky Wave. Barcelona is indeed a city of bars basking under a clear blue sky and lapped by salty Mediterranean waves.